Dr. Stephanie Morris is a Licensed Psychologist in the state of Kansas. She is a native of Southwest Kansas and appreciates Manhattan and the Flint Hills. As a product of small town, rural Kansas, she understands the concerns that face those who live in small communities while coping with life transitions. Dr. Morris also actively supports and assists those coping with adjustment to small town living, those facing oppression related to race, sexual orientation, and gender identity, and those who have survived sexual assault.

Dr. Morris has experience in a cancer treatment facility, primary care medical setting, university counseling, and private practice. She works with individuals from 18 to 80, and would be honored to be part of your journey.

Dr. Morris specializes in  depression, anxiety,  and PTSD, among other mental health conditions. She is experienced with cancer survivors and their families, those with chronic pain and chronic health conditions, and all individuals who are facing difficult transitions. Additionally, she helps people cope with end of life, death, and grief. Dr. Morris is experienced in individual counseling and biofeedback services, and is adept at helping you better understand the mind/body connection.

She offers an affirming, welcoming, safe space where you can learn about yourself and make positive changes.